Monica is a TCG lover and cosplayer. 

Even though she has a very kind and happy personality, she is quiet, and has spent most of her free time inside her room watching YouTube videos on fashion and the various card games she rotates through. While in quarantine, Monica came across cosplay while scrolling through Twitter. Having heard mention of it in anime, she began doing research on YouTube. After seeing how fun it looked to bring these characters to life, she fell in love. Being a huge fan of card games her entire life, Monica knew she wanted to give these characters that inspired her to life in her own way. 

After seeing her work, RRR couldn’t help but want to put her in the spotlight. Monica will now help RRR push out new ideas and new forms of expression for the games we love.

What Type of Player is Monica?

Monica is a huge fan of Value. She loves any deck that allows her to draw lots of cards so she can express herself easily.

Growing up playing Vanguard, she was always drawn to the cute animals of Great Nature, and once she experienced the fun their gameplay brought, she was hooked. She mains GN in Premium to this day.

When she’s looking to turn her brain off, Monica finds most decks in the United Sanctuary to be very fun. Whether it's the value Hexaorb brings with the top deck manipulation, or the “Go Brrrr'' playstyle of Bastion.

Monica is also a lover of casual EDH. Loving value, she finds herself building a lot of Blue / Green decks (primarily Green). Finding a lot of wins and fun with her Enchantment builds.

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