Victoria is a 28 year old wrestler turned TCG addict. 

Growing up in a family full of MMA professionals, she spent most of her childhood training with people much larger than she was. She has a face that easily intimidates those around her, even though she is quite introverted. Her anger is easily seen however when she gets frustrated, causing many fights lost due to high emotions. As she got older, she began to resent the training her parents forced upon her. Even though she was becoming a monster in the cage, she didn’t enjoy how the fights made her feel. Through many fights with her parents, she quit fighting. 

One night while skimming YouTube, Victoria ran across some clips from the WWE and NJPW. Even though she knew it was all a show, she was enthralled with the action. Even though everyone was cheering for “the good guy”, she was in awe of the overwhelming power and skill the heel was showing. The next morning, she used every contact she had to find a trainer who could teach her the skills needed to wrestle in a way that would cause others to be as entertained as she was. 

Learning acrobatics at her local gymnastics gym, she met a fellow student, Monica. After a few classes together, they became surprisingly close considering their different personalities. If you are around Monica for more than 5 minutes, she is gonna find a way to bring up card games. At first, Victoria showed no interest, as it required sitting still for too long. After an invitation to see her play at locals, Victoria showed up late to find Monica making it to the finals of her weekly game night. She got to see the passion and energy that these players bring to the games they love, similar to the night she saw wrestling for the first time. Once again, Victoria was entertained. 

Needing money to buy all the shiny cardboard she now desires, she is now an employee of RRR. She brings a new level of intensity to the brand that we are so excited to have.

What type of player is Victoria?

Just like her wrestling style, Victoria doesn’t mind being the bad guy. Her decks are usually designed around overwhelming the opponent. This can be done with removal, after removal, followed by more removal, or just a simple go wide strategy. 

Monica first recommended Bastion as a good starting point for her in Vanguard, but after a day of learning, she really didn’t like relying on her Rear Guards help. So she moved over to the dark side with Phantom Blaster Overlord. Loving the power gain that sacing her RG gave to her VG made her feel so powerful.

Not being a fan of how Shadow Paladin feels in Premium, she learned about Tachikaze, and the similar style to her beloved PBO. Victoria was always a fan of dinos as a young girl, so you best believe she loves devouring her weaker dinos to fuel her ferocious big bois. 

When Monica invites her over to game night, and they have the EDH squad around, she will usually pull out a Grixis, kill and counter everything deck. After everyone gets their salty comments out after a game or two with that, she’ll switch to a Golgari aristocrat deck, everyone sac everything they have, I have lots of lands and tokens. Give up?

Art by MAKdraw25